ROSMARINEN, Helsingborg

The Rosmarinen project in Helsingborg, which has received several award nominations, is a playful and conscious mixture of contrasts. In designing and formulating these contrasts, Rappgo worked together with the architects at Griab during the initial phase of the project to find the perfect floor for the project. Given the fact that a lot of emphasis was placed on creating the right atmosphere in the rooms, we had to experiment in order to produce exactly the right tonality in the floor.
The aim was to retain the natural light in the buildings while also achieving a genuine structure in the planks that evokes thoughts of the Swedish forests, and this was a challenge that forced us to develop an entirely new product for this project.

Larch is a conifer that is not particularly common in Sweden, and it has an incredibly beautiful structure and warmth that few other varieties of wood can convey. With the soothingly light pigmentation possessed by these floors, it is possible to create an interior that, together with the otherwise very unpretentious rooms, provides a sense of calm and openness that makes a home welcoming.


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