Reference projects

Reference projects are important for us – they provide an opportunity for our plank flooring to demonstrate its unique properties in beautiful environments. We hope that these environments will inspire you and awaken a passion for small-scale craftsmanship.


In collaboration with Jonas Lindvall, who has primary responsibility for the hotel’s design and architecture, Rappgo has manufactured plank flooring with an unpretentious design and harmony in its structure and functionality. The inspiration for the floor is based on the cornerstones of Forest, Meadow and Lake, which also represent the gastronomic philosophy that will permeate the hotel. Read more »


Rappgo has manufactured plank flooring in oak, ash and maple that has been installed in the much talked about and award-winning Växjö City project Bländapassagen. The three varieties of wood mentioned above were chosen for their functionality and strength given the heavy load that the flooring must naturally endure in the public environment of Bländapassagen. Read more »


Orangeriet in Stockholm is a green oasis where the boundary between the indoor and outdoor environment is erased. The entire interior and all the materials are well conceived and have been chosen with tremendous feeling in order to create the perfect environment. The interior of Orangeriet is extremely important to Melker Andersson, and he wanted a floor with a genuine expression that enhances the feel of the restaurant. Read more »


The Rosmarinen project in Helsingborg, which has received several award nominations, is a playful and conscious mixture of contrasts. In designing and formulating these contrasts, Rappgo worked together with the architects at Griab during the initial phase of the project to find the perfect floor for the project. Read more »


When the early colonists first arrived to the American South, they encountered vast forests of southern longleaf pine, the source of heart pine.These forests, which once dominated the South, existed throughout the coastal plains from southern Virginia to eastern Texas, covering approximately 90 million acres (36 million hectares).Read more »


Would you like to enjoy the feel of a beautiful and ageless pine floor? In that case we recommend a visit to Skagens Museum in Denmark! The guiding philosophy behind the furnishing of the museum was to let nature pay a visit, and plank flooring in pine has a natural aura of forest about it that few other varieties of wood can convey. Read more »

100 year old elms become plank flooring at Rappgo!

In close collaboration with Ramnåsa Såg, Rappgo will be manufacturing plank flooring made from locally produced elms with a Växjö heritage that stretches back over 100 years. It was during the summer of 2013 that a decision was finalised to fell the elms outside of the Växjö Library and turn them into wood chips for the residents of Växjö. Read more »


•Konstmuseum Hamm, Tyskland - Furu Lut & Vitolja
•Lamboughinis Showroom, Shanghai - Ek vitlack
•Sveriges Glasmuseum, Växjö - Gran olja
•Dalslands Konstmuseum, Åsenbruk - Björk olja
•Arlanda Flygledartorn, Stockholm - Lönn lackad
•Prins Eugens konstmuseum, Valdemarsudde, Stockholm - Furu Lut & Vitolja
•SJ:s huvudkontor, Stockholm - Ek olja
•Hotell Sheraton, Stockholm - Ek mörkolja
•Siemens, Finspång - Lönn lackad
•Bank - Piguet Galland & Cie, Schweiz - Ek vitbets lack
•Angereds Teater, Göteborg - Ek olja
•Hemmakväll, Umeå - Ek Coffee
•Peppes Pizza Gardermoen, Oslo - Ek Coffee
•VM i Dans, Växjö - Lönn lackad
•Salong by Barda, Stockholm - Ek Chateau
•Skidhuset VM i Falun - Furu Lut & gråolja
•Bookbinders design, Stockholm - Ek Lut & vitolja
•Rusthållargården, Mölle - Ek Chateau
•Domkyrkoforum, Lund


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