100 year old elms become plank flooring at Rappgo!

In close collaboration with Ramnåsa Såg, Rappgo will be manufacturing plank flooring made from locally produced elms with a Växjö heritage that stretches back over 100 years. It was during the summer of 2013 that a decision was finalised to fell the elms outside of the Växjö Library and turn them into wood chips for the residents of Växjö.

Johan Forsman, owner of Ramnåsa Såg, and Gustaf Rappe, CEO of Rappgo, were quick to realise that there should be other, significantly more enjoyable ways to make the most of this fantastic timber than simply incinerating it as wood chips at Växjö’s heating plants. The result of this realisation will be a unique plank floor in an extremely limited edition. 

Both companies view the project involving the library’s elms as the start of a potentially long-term collaboration. Fantastic opportunities exist when it comes to the use of locally produced raw product from the region’s forests.

“We are noticing an increasing level of demand from our customers in relation to the history behind the timber used to make flooring. The ability to proclaim a floor’s local connection or its uniqueness in terms of being a limited edition is becoming increasingly important to the end customer and is entirely in keeping with the eco trend that we are noticing in many industries”, says Gustaf Rappe, CEO of Rappgo.

We look forward to the next project with excitement!


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