Plank Flooring for Bländapassagen in Växjö

Rappgo has manufactured plank flooring in oak, ash and maple that has been installed in the much talked about and award-winning Växjö City project Bländapassagen.

The three varieties of wood mentioned above were chosen for their functionality and strength given the heavy load that the flooring must naturally endure in the public environment of Bländapassagen. The consistent theme has been to achieve simplicity in the plank flooring that is in harmony with the external atmosphere; an atmosphere that creates a peaceful feeling through beautiful details, the selection of genuine materials and the choice of colours. This peaceful feeling is naturally reflected in the plank flooring, and we can warmly recommend a visit to Bländapassagen in Växjö, not least for the opportunity to see how oiled plank flooring with a heavy load can appear over time.
Since 1990, the municipality of Växjö’s urban planning committee has presented an annual award to a property developer for a project with good architecture that has been well adapted to its location. The Bländapassagen project, under the management of Arkitektbolaget, received this award in 2012, with the following explanation from the jury:

A new pedestrian throughway opens up new ways to experience and enjoy the city centre. After many years of discussion, 3 property owners have now succeeded in carrying out a positive change and addition to Växjö’s inner city environment. Through building alterations and extensions, the new pedestrian throughway has achieved a small scale atmosphere in which it feels enjoyable to spend time. The throughway has been well designed from a spatial perspective, with opportunities to develop the contents of the various spaces even more in the future. Bländapassagen represents a first step that paves the way for continued development both to the south and to the north.

We offer our congratulations to everyone involved with the Bländapassagen project, and we look forward to new and exciting projects in the future!


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